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3D Printable Model Features

The 3D PRINTABLE MODELS on this website are perfect for printing on your personal 3d printer!  Scanning Cars has spent countless hours developing these models to be as painless as possible to print.  Each model is from actual scan data that is very accurate and detailed.  Keep reading this page to find out how to get the most out of your downloaded 3D Printable Model.


Each model is in millimeters in 1:64th scale (about the size of Hot Wheels/Matchbox), unless otherwise noted (some really small cars may be scaled differently)


Each vehicle includes four different variations:


  • PM-XXXX-1_Piece.stl - this is the easiest way to printout these files - as one piece with the wheels attached


  • PM-XXXX-1_Piece_Support.stl - same as above but with support blocks to help get the bottom of the tires started on your printbed.  The blocks break off easily.


  • PM-XXXX-Separate.stl - This is just the body with 1.25mm dia holes for axles.  This version is the quickest way to make your vehicle roll.  There are no wheels included in this file, you will need to print them out also.


  • PM-XXXX-AxleBlock.stl - This is the newest version that allows you to make your vehicle roll much better.  It also allows you to customize things like ride height, track width, and camber.  In the future we are going to add blocks that include steering and/or suspension too.  If you can make your own 3d files you can easily make your own custom Axle Blocks to fit also.  Click Here for more information about Axle Blocks


The wheels and tires are now available in many different ways too.  You can now print out the wheel and tire separately, with the wheel available in its original width or extended - the extended version helps with the trueness (less wobble) when it rolls.  Each wheel is now available with 6 different diameter holes - 0.75, 1.00, 1.25, 1.50, 1.75 and 2.00mm.  Each wheel variation is included in its own zip file:


  • Wheels.zip - Includes Wheels by themselves (PM-XXXX-Wheel-[DIA].stl) and Wheels and tires (PM-XXXX-WheelTires-[DIA].stl).  Where [DIA] is the diameter of the hole in the wheel.


  • WheelsExtended.zip - Same as above but with an extended 2mm section added to the wheel to aid in making the wheels spin more true


  • PM-XXXX-Tire.stl - Each vehicle includes the tire by itself

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