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Accident Scene

3D Accident Scene Models

Scanning Cars LLC is excited to offer Accident Scene processing into 3D Models.  With a 3D model of your accident scene you no longer have to rely on cumbersome pointcloud software and visuals to present to your client.  Scanning Cars 3D Accident Scene Models are textured with a top view orthogonal UV map that is easy and intuitive to annotate and add data from a survey or photogrammetry.  3D Accident Scene Models carry most of the same advantages as a Textured Vehicle Model:

-More visually intuitive

-Much smaller file size

-Less hardware requirements

-Can be converted to 3D PDFs or 3D Web Models for easy sharing

-Scaleable details

The process removes unwanted color and geometry from passing vehicles.  It is also incredibly efficient.  The process is still a work in progress and only works with mostly flat data - vertical items like trees, signs, poles etc can be modeled separately.




3d PDF Accident Scene Demo (right click to download - 67.3mb)


3D PDF - no vehicles - red marks added by editing the texture PNG file (12.1mb)


Iris Web Demo with Vehicles (43.5mb)


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