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Axle Blocks

Axle Blocks were developed by Scanning Cars to allow you to customize your vehicles and to make them roll more accurate and smooth.  In the zip file below you will find 162 different Axle Blocks designed to fit into the grooves of the Axle Block body .stl file - don't let the large number scare you!  It's easy to figure out which block you need to use.  

NOTE: AxleBlocks are not included in each download, they need to be downloaded HERE

There are three different variables that are unique for each Axle Block:

  • Hole Diameter - 0.75, 1.00, 1.25, 1.50, 1.75, and 2.00mm - best to pick the the hole diameter that gives you the tightest slip fit.
  • Ride Height - Want to slam your vehicle or give it a lift kit?  Ride height varies from -100mm (in 1:1 scale) to +250mm.  So if the real life vehicle you wanted to replicate had been lowered 100mm, simply pick the Axle Block with "RH-100" in the file name.



(Stratus Lowered 100mm, and Lifted 250mm)

  • Tolerance - Printing parts that fit perfectly together can be extremely challenging even if your printer is calibrated perfectly.  These blocks work best with if they are sized to be a press fit.  Each axle block is provided in a range of tolerances from 0 to 0.25mm in 0.05mm increments.



Scanning Cars has also provided a free tool to help you decide which Axle Blocks you need to use:


This tool includes all 6 Tolerances and all 6 Hole Diameters.  It's likely when you print it out that the 3d text won't show up, just know that the smallest hole diameter goes with the smallest tolerance, and increases counterclockwise.  To determine which Tolerance you want, just print this out, push it into the body you printed out and decide which fit you like best.  To decide which hole diameter, get whatever you are going to use as an axle (paperclip, straightpin etc) and determine which hole gives the best slip fit.  Also use this to determine which fit you like best for the wheel hole diameter.




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