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Scanning Cars - New Direction(?)

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Since my last blog post, well over a year ago, I was working diligently trying to get the new version of 3D printable models online.  Unfortunately around this time last year I got hit hard with a wave of commisioned work that is yet to let up as of this writing.  It is still my goal to create a large database of 3D models of vehicles you can easily 3D print at home but unfortunately I simply don't have the time right now.  Scanning Cars will be going through some reorganization hopefully soon that will atleast try to separate commision side of my business from the more hobby side.

Scanning Cars is One Year Old!

Scanning Cars officially became a business on April 15, 2015!It was a really successful first year that for the most part exceeded my expectations.  Thanks everyone for your support of this passion of mine!Make sure to keep following - there is a bunch of stuff in development, make sure to keep following Scanning Cars!

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WREX 2016

Scanning Cars will be attending its first conference:  WREX 2016 in Orlando, FL from May 2-6  - it is projected to be the largest conference on Accident Reconstruction ever.  If you are attending make sure to stop by our booth!  We will have full color printed models of actual wrecked vehicles from scan data, interactive [...]

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Version 2.0 Preview

Back in the late Summer and Fall Scanning Cars managed to keep up pretty well with the goal of releasing a vehicle a day - all the way up to 97 vehicles!  You may wonder why I stopped short of 100 - main reason is that I wanted the 100th to be something special and [...]

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2000-2006 Honda Insight

I had one of these quirky little cars for about 3 years and loved it, unfortunately with the addition of kids a really small 2 seater was not very pratical.  These cars feature a 1.0 liter 3 cylinder and a small hybrid system - power was not plentiful, and when my wife and I took [...]

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Welcome Back!

I assume everybody starting a new business goes through the same paradox of trying to get everything perfect before opening but knowing that there is no way you will get everything perfect unless you open and learn from it!  Scanning Cars first opened on tax day -  3 months ago!  We started with 46 cars. [...]

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Preview of some of the upcoming vehicles to be added to Scanning Cars!  Can you identify all the cars?  It took some time but the new scanner and process I have developed is consistently creating much cleaner meshes than the scanner I had borrowed from my previous job.  There are just a few more things [...]

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Whats Upcoming

You may have noticed that there haven't been any vehicles added since the first batch of 46 cars.  This is because I've been feeling out how those models do in the current market, listening to suggestions, and developing ways to make future 3D Printable Models better.  Below are some of the features and improvements that [...]

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3D Printing Industry! And new Sample

Thanks to 3D Printing Industry for writing a great review about my site! Also I updated my free sample file, now it is of a Buick Riviera.  I did have a Volvo Wagon as my free sample simply because it is my car, however I think the narrow spokes of the wheels may give some people some [...]

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Welcome to Scanning Cars!

Welcome to Scanning Cars!The main point of this website is to fill a void:  when I bought my 3D printer 2 years ago I thought there would be a bunch of fun vehicles to print. However after a lot of searching I found the selection lacking.  There are lots of databases of 3D models you [...]

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