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Version 2.0 Preview


Back in the late Summer and Fall Scanning Cars managed to keep up pretty well with the goal of releasing a vehicle a day - all the way up to 97 vehicles!  You may wonder why I stopped short of 100 - main reason is that I wanted the 100th to be something special and with all the craziness of us moving to Raleigh, NC I just never got it finished like I wanted it.  Another reason is that the process that I use heavily relies on custom code and scripts to make the process efficient and consistent.  That code was by no means perfect and after processingr 97 vehicle scans - each one of them different - it was clear that time needed to be invested to make the process more robust and also efficient.  That has been the majority of the work I have done when not processing scans for other people.  

The results are very exciting, and with the time saved will allow more features for each download - one of which is a hollow shell version that will have an interior!  The interior will be pretty basic, but will definitely get better with time - hopefully to the point that I can add interior from actual scan data - maybe version 3.0 :).  In the meantime, thanks for all the interest and support, and look for a free sample of version 2.0 in the next couple weeks - would love any and all feedback.

Anybody know what this van is??


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