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Welcome Back!

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I assume everybody starting a new business goes through the same paradox of trying to get everything perfect before opening but knowing that there is no way you will get everything perfect unless you open and learn from it!  

Scanning Cars first opened on tax day -  3 months ago!  We started with 46 cars.  The quality of those meshes were pretty good but in the meantime we found ways to make them much better.  We also added more features to each download.  Make sure to check out the features page to see what comes with each download now, and also what is new.

The problem with figuring out how to do things better later is that the older products need to be updated too - and while updating each file doesn't take too much time, multiplying it by 46 can be quite time consuming.  This is why there haven't been any new vehicles since that first day.  We have simply been too busy learning new ways to make our products better and also we have received a healthy amount of commissioned work too.

As of the date of this blog post we only have 10 vehicles on our website (plus a new sample) since the older downloads are now obsolete.  All our previous customers will be emailed a coupon for a download valued equal to the amount they spent so they can either buy the same updated vehicle again or a new one (These should be going out within a week - make sure to contact us if you don't get one).  Updates will be coming quickly - Scanning Cars currently has over 150 cars scanned and the turnaround time of converting them into the 3D Printable Models on this site has gotten quicker too - with that we are hoping to add a vehicle a day 7 days a week with possible specific themes for a few days (throwback thursday maybe?).  In addition we will be updating the first 46 vehicles too.

Stay tuned for more updates and make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all our vehicle updates!


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