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Welcome to Scanning Cars!

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Welcome to Scanning Cars!

The main point of this website is to fill a void:  when I bought my 3D printer 2 years ago I thought there would be a bunch of fun vehicles to print. However after a lot of searching I found the selection lacking.  There are lots of databases of 3D models you can download but I found that most of them require quite a bit of work to get them watertight and even those have questionable accuracy.  So the printable meshes you can purchase on this site are watertight, accurate, and print ready in two different ways:  As a single mesh where the wheels are fixed or you can print the wheels and body separately and make your model car able to roll.  Both meshes are included in each purchase.

The other void this site is hoping to fill is the lack of diversity in model cars available.  In the current model car industry you have to figure that it takes quite a lot of investment to make the hardware necessary to mass manufacture each car.  As such, they can only justify producing cars that will sell to a wide demographic, which tends to be dream cars (e.g. Ferrari's, McLarens etc).  However, with the 3D printing revolution it is possible to produce pretty high quality models in low quantities with minimal investment.  This is exciting to me because it opens the doors to enthusiasts to have a scale model of not only their dream car but also their first car or any other car of special significance. I'm also hoping it will benefit other industries like scenery for train sets, ornaments, accident reconstruction, and automotive dealerships.

Keep watching this site for frequent updates to our products and to the database.  Feel free to send us requests and suggestions!


(My 1994 Volvo 960 Wagon)


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