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Whats Upcoming

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You may have noticed that there haven't been any vehicles added since the first batch of 46 cars.  This is because I've been feeling out how those models do in the current market, listening to suggestions, and developing ways to make future 3D Printable Models better.  Below are some of the features and improvements that will be on future additions:

-Better headlights/taillights that are not "inverted"

-Sharper edges around the windows and lights

-Option to print out the wheel and tire separately

-Cleaner Meshes - meshes will no longer have minor errors or bad triangles

-Axle Blocks to printout - this will give you the freedom to adjust the ride height, track width, and camber angle.  It will also allow a cleaner and more versatile way of printing out the axle hole.  I'm also hoping this will allow steering to be added and/or suspension.

Other things I have been working on are developing ways to paint and detail printouts, physical models from shapeways (got my first batch in - more on this later), and of course scanning cars!  I've been able to scan at a few really nice museums that I will post about later too!

There are a few other things I'm working before I start adding vehicles at a steady pace.

Look for future blog posts about these improvements!


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