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3D Web Demos

Contact: Matt Blackwood - (919) 792-8657, or matt@scanningcars.com


Work in Progress IRIS for Rhino Demos.  Thanks to Luis Fraguada of McNeel/Rhino

These web demos are great for quickly showing a client a Textured Model from your scan data, they can also be viewed on any web browser including Android and IOS devices.

*Note that the quality (number of polygons and texture size) on these models are significantly less than that of 3D PDFs.  3D PDFs have a higher poly count (150k typically) and texture size (2048x2048) and a smaller file size (typically less than 10mb).


 Iris Cadillac SRX

Cadillac SRX (50k polys, 15.3mb)

Iris Nissan Altima

Black Nissan Altima (50k polys, 16.3mb)

Iris Dump Truck

Dump Truck (50k polys, 15.7mb)

Iris Mitsubishi Galant

Mitsubishi Galant (50k polys, 15.4mb)

Iris Chrysler LeBaron

Chrysler LeBaron (50k polys, 18.1mb)

Iris Chevrolet Malibu

Chevrolet Malibu (50k polys, 15.5mb)

Iris Chevrolet Pickup

Chevrolet Pickup (50k polys, 15.9mb)

Iris Semi Tractor

Semi Tractor (50k polys, 15.7mb)

Iris Semi Trailer

Semi Trailer (50k polys, 15.7mb)

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