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Accident Reconstruction Services - SCANNING CARS LLC



Contact: Matt Blackwood - (919) 792-8657, or matt@scanningcars.com


Scanning Cars LLC utilizes a unique and efficient method for turning your 3D Scan data of vehicles into Textured Models

Textured Models offer incredible advantages over point clouds, from smaller file sizes, better detail, 3d printability and more!  Make sure to checkout the many examples and tutorials below.

3dpdfs.png  webdemos.png  turntables.png
3dprints.png  tutorials.png  resouces.png



3D PDFs - A great way to share high quality models with your clients

3D Web Models - Anybody with a browser can view these interactive 3D Web Models

Turntable Animations - See the models at their best with these turntable animations on Youtube

Full Color 3D Prints - A few examples of 3D printed vehicles

Tutorials - Watch these tutorials to see how a Textured Model can improve your reconstruction

Resources - A few resources for 3D scanning


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