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Scan Processing Services

SCANNING CARS, LLC Professional Services   (205) 332-9298

Scanning Cars has scanned and meshed over One Hundred vehicles - everything from micro cars to utility trailers to semi tractors. The method developed by Scanning Cars is a robust and efficient way of producing more intuitive, accurate, and visually appealing models from 3D scan data.  If you have scan data from a Faro X330 or X130, just send us the raw .fls files and we can quickly and economically turn them into any of the products on this page:


Accurate Mesh

We can provide you with accurate, watertight meshes that will be much higher fidelity than the other printable meshes on this site.  We will also verify critical dimensions against published data and take extra steps to reduce noise and surface artifacts.




Raw Scan Data (left), Watertight Mesh (right)


Printing Service

Don't have a 3D printer?  We can quickly print any file at practically any scale.  Don't need a quick turn around?  We have extensive experience utilizing the top of the line printers at Shapeways.com (Shapeways takes about a week).  We can also optimize the model so that each print will be at minimal cost.  


Mesh for 3D Animation

Need a mesh suitable for 3D animation?  We can create a model with separate wheels that is great for animating.




Mesh Colorizing/Texturing

If you captured color with your data, we can transfer the color to the mesh to create an even more visually intuitive model.

Have photographs of the vehicle?  We can project the color data onto the mesh to create an even cleaner texture.



Mesh Colorized using Photographs


Model Finishing

All objects created with 3D printers have layers that look better when smoothed out.  We can clean the models and paint them in any color requested.


Please contact us for any service needed. (205) 332-9298



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