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When I made my first 3d printable vehicle from scan data about a year ago it came out extremely crude - no rolling tires, no clean windows or sharp edges.  Looking at it now it hardly looked like a car at all!  That first car took me probably 3 days to complete too.  The process developed by Scanning Cars is very unique and we are constantly coming up with new ways to make it better.  After the first batch of 46 cars (which will eventually be updated with all the improvements), we have come up with significant improvements:


  • Cleaner Headlights - The first 46 vehicles had headlights "as the scanner saw them", ie the scanner would penetrate the lens and get really noisy data from the reflector.  New models will have nice clean geometry that will be inset a bit to help with painting.
  • Sharper Windows - The edges around the windows will now be much sharper which will also aid in detailing.
  • Cleaner Meshes - The data taken with our new scanner comes out cleaner and with less artifacts or surface irregularities (This will only apply to the vehicles scanned with the new scanner).  The new meshes also will not have any bad faces.
  • AxleBlock Option - Probably the biggest development - this allows you to printout much cleaner axle holes by printing the hole perpendicular to the bed, it also gives you the option to change the ride height, track width, and camber angle. 
  • Extended Wheels Option - The width of each wheel is pretty accurate for each vehicle - which means that some vehicles with very narrow wheels have very shallow holes for the axle.  This can lead to wobbly wheels, so now there is an option to printout wheels with a 2mm extension.
  • Separate Wheels/Tires - One of the hardest things I've found about painting the wheels was getting the edge between the black tire and the aluminum wheel circular - now with separate wheels and tires you can print them and paint them separately.  This should also help those with dual extrusion printers and those wanting to printout NinjaFlex flexible tires!
  • Other smaller things - wheels are now centered at the xy origin and come oriented correctly.  


The biggest news is that despite the improvements, processing vehicles now takes less time - so the goal is to now produce and release a vehicle each day!

This of course won't be the last update.  We are already working on adding interiors, steering and suspension options!  Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the most up to date news!

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